The Gentleman’s Guide to Getting Lucky, Mackenzie Lee (#1.5)

Rated: 4/5

This book made my very gay heart very happy.

Do you mean to tell me that you have not actually fornicated yet?”

“Dear God, Felicity.”

This is the gist of the novella and I love every single bit of it. It was not really necessary plotwise, but the characters were just so adorable. Especially Felicity. She has major big dick energy. Felicity literally plans EVERYTHING so that Monty and Percy could have a romantic evening. Now I’m even more excited to read her adventures in the second installment.

I have decided Monty and Percy are my OTP. Even though I didn’t really like the first book in this series, but this novella made me change my mind. Both of them were acting like absolute fucking idiots whenever they had to talk about their feelings, especially Monty. For the majority of the novel, I wanted to smack some sense into Monty because I was afraid he would ruin the only good thing in his life.

The sex scene (almost) was written very well for a YA novel. Mackenzie Lee did not treat gay sex as taboo and I’m so happy to see that. It is really important for such novels to be written (especially for a younger audience) to normalize homosexuality.

Special mention to Percy’s crazy pastry obsession and Monty’s fig obsession. Hilarious.

“You don’t owe me sex. You don’t owe me anything. I’m with you because I want to be. And if we’re together, it’ll be because we want to be. And we are going to London together because we want to. And it’s going to be a disaster. But that’s all right, because we’ll have each other. We’ll be disastrous together.”

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